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Availing credit facilities for the energy sector is one good advantage to the rural people to access
modern energy sources. Based on this fact, our company partnering with OV Solar Power
Company Limited installed about 1000 solar home systems Model HP30B with a one-year credit
term. We select areas in Amhara Region, North Shoa Zone Angolela & Tera Wereda, around
Chicha town, and Sela dengaye area. The households pay a 20% down payment when the
system is installed and the remaining 80% within 12 consecutive months.

It was an outstanding result with 99% repayment fully collected and we got a good understanding
of the market and customer behavior, plan to expand the system in quantity and other areas.
The only problem is collecting the repayment as rural households’ low banking experience
payment transfer mechanisms.

  • Our own project piloting installment payment systems
  • Providing Solar systems to government employees and rural households with a 10% down payment
  • Up to now, more than 3000 households addressed
  • Our recovery rate is about 90%.
  • We are working on how to integrate with technology on follow up and payment systems