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350 households electrified with a 20wp solar system each, as our first solar sector project, with
the loan fund from Ethiopian Rural Electrification Fund, facilitated through the Development Bank of
Ethiopia. Yirgachefe Coffee Farmers Union gave us a bank Guarantee to the bank to access the
fund and systems installed to its members around Yirgachefe town, Edido area.

It was a good experience as the first project and a learning process. Many systems failed within
three months as the battery, panel, and load are unbalanced. We do technical adjustments
through time and got experience in handling projects, demonstrated for awareness creation,
and used as a success story for our future growth.

  • 350 households access to solar energy of 20 wp each
  • Funded by Development Bank of Ethiopia/Rural Electrification Fund
  • Done in 2004 GC
  • Installed 350 systems for 350 households
  • Fund Amount 1,50,000 Eth birr
  • Solar energy awareness among the society made
  • The experience got to implement subsequent projects