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With the guidance of the Amhara Region Water and Energy Office, we trained 24 Energy
Enterprises. The training includes technical and marketing- how to sell solar lanterns and
systems and do the maintenance works. The Youth Enterprises has access to finance from
Amhara Credit and Saving Institution to purchase the salable solar lanterns from Suppliers, and
they will collect the amount from the households when distributing the products, off course
households also get loans from Amhara Credit and Savings Institution.

The collaboration was one of its kind through the lack of proper supply of solar products was
difficult due to foreign exchange shortage. The Enterprises are struggling for survival. We doing
our best to improve the import quantity and supporting them on easing doing businesses to

  • Initiated by Amhara Region Water and Irrigation Beuro
  • 24 Enterprises established, trained
  • The purpose of the enterprises is to sell solar lanterns and do after-sales maintenance work
  • Our participation in the training of the enterprises, supplying them with stock and credit sales
  • We created employment for more than 100 youth
  • The good experience developed and on the way to roll out in more wereda