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Farmers for solar lantern distribution in Amhara Region
We signed an agreement with Amhara, Sothern, and Oromia Regional Energy Offices to work on solar lantern promotion, sales, and distribution. Amhara Credit and Saving Institution, Omo MFI, Vision Fund, Meklit MFI, and Peace MFI allocate funds for solar lantern and systems credit. We are one of the companies that use the platform to sell...
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Youth Enterprises Establishment
With the guidance of the Amhara Region Water and Energy Office, we trained 24 Energy Enterprises. The training includes technical and marketing- how to sell solar lanterns and systems and do the maintenance works. The Youth Enterprises has access to finance from Amhara Credit and Saving Institution to purchase the salable solar lanterns from Suppliers,...
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Health Centers Solar Energy Systems Installation
Institutional Solar Systems for health centers and schools are necessary in rural Ethiopia. GIZ tried demonstration systems for health Centers in most regional states. We had been awarded six health centers to install solar systems in Sothern Region, Gambella, Oromia, and Benishangul Regions. The systems have a capacity of 1.7KWP solar systems for lighting, fridge...
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Yirgachefe Coffee farmers electrification
350 households electrified with a 20wp solar system each, as our first solar sector project, with the loan fund from Ethiopian Rural Electrification Fund, facilitated through the Development Bank of Ethiopia. Yirgachefe Coffee Farmers Union gave us a bank Guarantee to the bank to access the fund and systems installed to its members around Yirgachefe...
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